Crystal Healing & Chakra Re-balancing


Spiritual Healing with crystals works in a similar way to ordinary Spiritual Healing, except you have the additional benefit of the natural healing powers that the crystals give out.  Crystals have their own spirit and energy vibrations due to their atomic structure and colour, crystals also contain certain minerals and trace elements and are a powerful and beautiful healing tool.


Crystals when placed on the body or around the body create a powerful healing net, they can be used to help treat ailments, relieve stress and tension, boost energy levels, restore general well-being but also to rebalance the chakras (the natural energy zones within the body)


The chakras can become unbalanced through physical illness, physical injuries, stress, bereavement & other factors.  A feeling of just generally being run-down and unwell for no apparent reason can stem from the chakras being unbalanced.


Melissa offers a Chakra Re-balancing Crystal Healing Session which lasts approximately 1hour.


During this session, Melissa starts by checking if the chakras are balanced or unbalanced, the relevant crystals are then placed on each of the chakras.  Melissa then uses Spiritual Healing from toe to head on the body, and will be led by spirit to any problem areas within the body which need healing, such as old injuries, aches and pains, medical ailments.  You will feel relaxed and comfortable during the session as your chakras begin to become re-balanced.  You will feel that your general well-being and energy levels will begin to lift and your stress levels will drop.


Well-being is not simply freedom from illness it also includes listening to our feelings, emotions and thoughts.  Here are some of the benefits Clients have reported within a few days after their Crystal Healing Therapy:


- "I didn't realise just how run-down I was & how much I needed that, I feel much calmer and much better in myself"


- "I feel brighter & my body feels freer, no aches, I have more energy & a spring in my step again"


- "I was very sceptical but after having 5 sessions at the Chiropractor in a month and no real improvement to my back ache it was worth a go.  I came away feeling relaxed, calmer, less stressed, I got the best nights sleep and have continued to sleep well night after night, I seem to have more energy and motivation to get things done and most of all my back ache is almost gone with just the odd twinge now and again"


- "I feel like I have been lifted, I have started to lose weight naturally without trying, my worries have been lifted too, I feel great"


- "I feel much better within myself, different somehow more at ease and content with myself"


 - "I feel different in a good way, more content, I have found the words to help solve my problems, and feel confident to speak them"



Chakra Re-balancing Crystal Healing Session 40.00 (for approximately one hour)


Daytime, evening & weekend appointments available.



 To arrange an appointment please call or text Melissa on 07879 498511