Beginners Spiritual Development - One Day Workshop


- An interactive and informative workshop, designed by Melissa for those who are interested in gaining an understanding of what it all means and developing their spiritual/psychic sides with confidence.


Comprises - Introduction to the Spiritworld, different levels of souls, soul mates, soul groups, Psychic protection & grounding, spirit guides, chakras, how to open & close your chakras, visualisation techniques, meditation to meet your spirit guide, how to work with a pendulum, how to work with tarot & angel cards, how to trust and use your intuition.


Only 6 places available on each workshop so attendees have an opportunity to interact and ask questions throughout the day.


Cost 55.00 each attendee, including a buffet lunch and workshop manual.





Intermediate Spiritual Development - One Day Workshop 


This workshop follows on from the Beginners workshop with a refresh of what was covered above but each topic is discussed in more detail, this workshop also covers - advanced psychic protection & grounding, psychic shields, psychometry, dreams, intuition & deja vu, more advanced pendulum work, meditation to meet your spirit guides plus more.



Cost 60.00 each attendee, including a buffet lunch and workshop manual.


Please call or text Melissa for more details on 07879 498511.  Thank you :-)