Melissa is a naturally gifted Spiritual Healer & is also a Reiki Practitioner.  Melissa offers Spiritual & Reiki Healing for both Humans & Animals.


Spiritual Healing - "the activity of making a person healthy without using medicines or other physical methods" (Cambridge Dictionary Definition)


How does it work? - To deliver Spiritual Healing, Melissa tunes directly into spirit through her spirit guides and is generally guided by spirit towards the person or animals condition, spirit then send healing energy to Melissa which is delivered direct to the client through hands-on healing.


What does Spiritual Healing feel like? - Clients experience a range of different sensations whilst receiving spiritual healing from a sense of calm & relaxation, to heat from Melissa's hands, some have also experienced tingling sensations in the areas being healed.  


How can it help me? - Spiritual Hands-on healing can be used to help & sometimes treat all types of conditions, from medical conditions to helping old injuries heal to helping to relieve stress & tension.  All Clients generally receive some benefit from receiving hands-on healing.


Frequently asked questions

Q) Do I have to be spiritual to receive Spiritual Healing?

A) No, not at all, but an open mind to it helps.


Q) Am I fully clothed when I receive healing?

A) Yes, but thinner layers of clothing are recommended.


Q) Do you just put your hands on me?

A) Yes, no massage or manipulation happens, just hands laid on gently. 


"Spiritual healing has an ancient pedigree, with much evidence of success" (Cambridge Dictionary)



Reiki Healing - "a treatment that involves directing energy from your hands into someone's body to make them feel better"(Cambridge Dictionary Definition)



Appointments & Costs:


Daytime, evening & weekend appointments available.


Spiritual/Reiki Healing for Humans:


30.00 for 30mins

40.00 for 1hour


Appointments can be either at your home/location or at Melissa's.



 To arrange an appointment please call or text Melissa on 07879 498511